2017- 2018 QCNYS Quilt Challenge

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Following the success of our last quilt challenge, the QCNYS Board of Officers is pleased to invite you to participate in a new challenge. It is our intent that this challenge will not only tour the guilds but will also be exhibited in other public venue as well. We sincerely hope you will participate.

In keeping with the goals of the QCNYS Travel Club, twelve winning quilts will be made available to member guilds for exhibition in 2018-2019 at member Quilt Shows, Businesses and other events. Exhibitors may request the entire exhibit or a subset of the exhibit. Entries in this challenge will be the same size for ease of space planning and transportation; more importantly exhibits of like-sized, themed quilts deliver a cohesive visual impact.

Exhibit Title and Theme: CONVERGE
QCNYS members converge from across the State. The 2017 2018 Quilt Challenge will encourage QCNYS Quilters to use applique, piecing, wholecloth, and mixed techniques to interpret the theme.  Converge is a verb: to meet in a point or line, incline toward each other as lines that are not parallel; to tend to a common result or conclusion; (mathematical) to have values eventually close to some number, to have a finite limit; to have a finite value.

The Challenge :
Participants are invited to consider the Theme and its definition and make a quilt of a specific size (see below). Will your entry consider converging lines? Or converging ideas? Or will it explain the mathematic concepts?

This challenge is open to all QCNYS members. A maximum of 12 entries will be chosen to travel throughout the 2018-2019 Quilt Show season.

As in past years there is no entry fee. Participants who ship their entries are required to provide return shipping costs.

Prizes awarded will be based on principles of design, interpretation of the theme and basic construction skills.

We hope to see participation representing many different interests and techniques and have kept the criteria to a minimum:

  • All entries shall be 36 x 36 square.

  • Must be a minimum of three joined layers.

  • A label with the following information must be securely sewn to either corner of the back of the quilt: This label must include the Title of Exhibit, Title of Piece, Name and Address of Quilter.

  • 4 minimum depth Sleeve must be securely sewn to the back of the quilt; sleeve must allow for the use of hanging rod without distortion of the quilt and must not show beyond the edges of the quilt.

  • A copy of the Entry Form must accompany the completed quilt.

Note: Quilts that do not meet labeling, sleeve, and packaging requirements will not be accepted.


  • No three-dimensional items accepted (shipping concerns)

  • One entry per participant

Entry Deadline: January 5, 2018 (Click here to submit Entry form)
Quilt Due Date:
March 15, 2018


Shipping: Entries may be shipped as directed or brought to the December 2017 or March 2018 Quarterly Membership Meeting. Return shipping shall be the responsibility of the Quilter; QCNYS will however return quilts at QCNYS meetings where that is convenient for the Quilter.

Insurance: Shipping insurance is the responsibility of the Quilter. QCNYS shall provide $500 insurance coverage for each entry from the date of receipt to the return date. Specific quilts that are valued in excess of $500 must be accompanied by a certified insurance appraisal and appropriate proof of insurance.

Judging: Shall be done by one or more independent judges; cash prizes will be determined by the judging. All entries shall be evaluated for technical and visual merit during the judging process

Contacts: For shipping information or other questions please contact Kathi Everett, or Tracy Jachimowicz,

Click here Submit your Entry Form online