HOW TO HOST a QCNYS Membership Meeting


QCNYS Membership meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of March, June and September and on the 1st or 2nd  Tuesday/Wednesday in December meeting.  (Occasional adjustments to the meeting day can be arranged IN ADVANCE with the Board if there is a conflict.) Member guilds or businesses are asked to host/co-host a meeting in their area.  If you volunteer to host a meeting, you are responsible for the following:


Prior to the meeting:

  • Find a location in your area.  There are usually 60 to 120 people in attendance.  Host guild members are invited to attend, provided the room can accommodate them. Please insure that your meeting place is handicap accessible (refer to the regulations outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act ( or your local building department if you have questions.)

  • We ask that you keep the cost reasonable with a maximum cost of $10.00 per person. Adjustments to this maximum cost, must be approved by the Board, in advance. This should include all expenses (lunch, room rental, paper products, custodial services, etc.).  The QCNYS Board will subsidize the meeting cost with a reimbursement of $150.

  • For December and March meetings when providing lunch, if the meeting is cancelled due to weather, the Board suggests the meals/food purchased be donated to a local food pantry or lunch program. Due to the unpredictability of the winter weather, if you opt to have attendees bring their own lunch for the December or March meeting, please provide beverages and a morning snack.  Reservation cost should be reduced to no more than $5 per person.

  • Complete the Meeting Information Form (below) and submit it to the QCNYS President as soon as possible. (At least two months before the meeting).

  • Optional: Many delegates may travel several hours to attend the meeting, therefore most hosts’ provide snacks and refreshments upon arrival (coffee, iced tea, doughnuts, cookies, etc.)  This is the Hosts option and is not included in the reservation fee.

  • Optional: Door prizes or favors for attendees are NOT required and cost should not be included in the reservation fee. This is the Hosts’ option. 

  • Menu Selection Suggestions include: crock pots full of soup, deli sandwiches, dishes by your guild members, and more!

On the day of the meeting:

  • Set the room with a head table for the QCNYS Officers; need seating for 3-4.

  • Provide a sign-in table. An Attendance Binder will be provided by QCNYS prior to the meeting.  This Attendance Binder must be returned to the QCNYS President at the end of the meeting.  An additional space will be required for the distribution of flyers and handouts.

  • If you have available space, please provide space, as requested on the registration form, for business members to set up for “mini shops” and guild members to display raffle quilts.

  • Provide a list of local quilts shops (or other interesting stops) with directions from the meeting place. Many delegates like to shop on the way home.  Also, shop owners like advance notice when large groups may be visiting their shop.

  • The business meeting will start at 10:30AM with delegates arriving for Social hour, 9:30AM - 10:30AM. The business meeting ends just before lunch with time after lunch for a brief program, your Guild's Show & Tell and the Membership Reports and Show & Tell. We are generally finished up by 2:00PM – 2:30PM.


Email to host a meeting.



Membership Meeting - Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hosted by Grape Country Quilters, Naples, NY



Board Meeting - Monday, May 14, 2018

Phelps Community Library

Membership Meeting - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hosted by Piecemakers of Elmira


FALL 2018

Board Meeting - Monday, August 6, 2018

Phelps Community Library

Membership Meeting - Thursday, Sept 13, 2018**

Quilting Connections, Master Class and Quilt Retreat

Watson Homestead Conference Center

9620 Dry Run Rd., Painted Post, NY




Board Meeting - Monday, November 5, 2018

Phelps Community Library

Membership Meeting - Date TBA

Hosted by: Towpath Quilters



Board Meeting -

Membership Meeting -


Board Meeting -

Membership Meeting -

FALL 2019

Board Meeting -

Membership Meeting -


Board Meeting -

Membership Meeting - Date TBA

hosted by Genesee Valley Quilt Club


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