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Fall Edition          August 2012


President: Pamela Langdon

(585) 349- 2596   


Vice President: Leisa Fischer



Secretary: Martha Wetzler              



Treasurer: Natalie Masker



Committee Chairs

Historian: Judy LaMay  


Membership: Linda Storrings



Info Chair: Ann Hawkins

315-759-1492 (cell)


Meeting Program: Sue Knapp



Webmistress: Ann Hawkins

315-759-1492 (cell)



Notes from the President
Wow, I can’t believe that summer has almost gone and I still have so much I would like to complete.

I would like to ’Thank’ so many people. First, a great big ’Thank You’ to the Plank Road Guild and Mission Rose Quiltery for hosting our June meeting. You did a beautiful job with everything, registration, food, table decorations and that cute key chain. I don’t know where all of you get such great ideas.

Next, a big ‘Thank You’ to Val Schultz for all the time and effort she made as Information Chair. Val has held the job for many years and found it is time to move on to other things. We wish her well as President of Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, her busy long-arming business and on all of her projects. We are glad to have her continue to work on a small quilt challenge project for us, she will be sharing the information with us!

My next ‘Thank You’ is to Ann Hawkins for stepping up and taking the job as Information Chair. I hope the transition will be made easily and quickly. Ann is our Webmistress and Information Chair, it is important for you to send ALL your guild info to her, including your newsletters. Ann has been working hard to get our calendar up and running…if you haven’t taken a look at it, please check our web site.

Also a ‘Thank You’ to Leisa for offering to fill out Marilyn’s Vice President’s slot so Marilyn can work on being ‘The Event’ coordinator. All of you should know Leisa because she helped Janet with the passports.

Remember to sign your guild up to host a meeting. Currently we are filled up to September 2013. Who wants to host December 2013? The date should be within the first of the month if possible so more people can come.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting in September,

Pamela Langdon


  • Service Project Report

  • Calendar of Events

  • September2012 Meeting Information and Form

  • Membership Report

  • Nominating Committee

  • QCNYS Travel Club

  • Vice President's Article, "I Have a Vision"

  • Newsletter Deadline and Submission Needs

  • Minutes for March 2012 Meeting

September 19, 2012 QCNYS Delegate Meeting
hosted by

Lake to Lake Quilt Guild

Click here for printable details and registration form.
(For your convenience, the printable registration form can also be found at the end of this newsletter)


The meeting will take place at:
Valley Inn

2862 Guyanoga Rd., Branchport, NY  14418

Click here for Map/Directions


We will be meeting in an outdoor covered pavilion.

(You might want to bring a sweater and a cushion to sit on.)


The business meeting will start at 10:30 AM


Announcing the NEW online QCNYS Calendar of Events!! We are pleased to offer you a calendar that shows all the member events.  You'll want to bookmark this and use it often.  (Allow 5-7 days for publication please.) Business Member? The plan is for you to send a link that can be included to your website or your calendar of classes, I will be in touch with you soon. 

Submit information to: Ann Hawkins, Information Chair *please be as specific as possible*




October Events

Wiltwyck Quilters Guild, Kingston, NY, invites you to attend their biennial quilt show, “Quilts in the Valley,” to be held Sat., Oct. 6, from 10-5 and Sun., Oct. 7, 2012, from 10-4 at the Rondout Valley Middle School, 122 Kyserike Rd., Accord, NY. This event will include over 200 quilts, a doll exhibit, vendors, boutique, raffles, lunch, featured quilter, a guest lecturer on Sat. and a quilt turning on Sun. For more information e-mail or website



Magical Threads - Inspired Stitches Quilt Show, May 31-June 2, 2013, Genesee Valley Quilt Club 2013 Quilt Show. Over 600 quilts, over 45 vendors, and much more. Information and details will be posted as they become available. 




QCNYS Educational Scholarship

QCNYS Service Project Grant


Service Project Report
Cuddle Quilts, the QCNYS Service Project for 2012-2013

Small quilts to be given to NY State Police. These quilts can be kept in the cars for use in those unfortunate circumstances when there is a need to remove a small child from their home. The quilts are meant to provide the child with something to hold and cuddle. The calming influence will be greatly appreciated by the troopers. New York State has over two hundred and fifty marked State Police vehicles.


Please help reach the goal of 500 quilts (that's two quilts for each of the 250 cars in NY State.)
1. The requested sizes are 18" x 24" and 24" x 36", folded to fit into a gallon size clear storage bag.
2. The fabric should be washable and child oriented. Flannels, fleece or any type of soft cuddle fabric should be used on the quilt front, back or as a binding. Batting can be used in the middle but if using fleece on the back, batting is not necessary.
3. If the material is especially meant for a boy or girl, please insert a note in the bag where it can be easily seen indicating boy or girl.
4. Please wash the quilt before placing into the bag. No pet dander or scents on the quilt, in case of allergies
The project will begin in September 2012 and end in June 2013.

If this is a project your group normally does it would be nice if you simply share with us the number your guild completes. Let’s all get behind this project and see how many quilts we can get done.

Delegates please take this idea to your groups and help us reach our goal!

Letter from Judy LaMay:

I wanted to share with you our family’s recent tragedy and trial. Recently one of our 17 month old Grandsons suddenly passed away. I won’t go into details about his death other to say it was a surprise and an ongoing tragedy for all of us. The one thing that did happen is his twin and 3 older siblings were quickly taken away from their home and school. This was very traumatic for all the children to be taken from their Mom by strangers especially as they had been separated from their father who was deployed at this time and not due home for a few weeks.

My youngest grandson, the surviving twin was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where more strangers surrounded him and poked and prodded, drew blood etc …the older 3 were taken from school to the emergency room to be examined also…While they were able to handle this better than the baby who went from screaming to totally quiet and unresponsive they too were confused and scared.

As our son is in the Air Force they were all living in Alaska at this time. So it took us about 48 hours to get here to give comfort and support. A few weeks later some very kind women sent blankets to them by way of the school… What a wonderful act this was but I couldn’t help thinking what if the blankets had been available when they were removed from home. What a comfort that could have been…the soft reminder that there are people who love and care about them and all will be well.

On the other side of this story are the men and women who had the job of removing the children. As some have worked closely with my son in his duties in the Air Force and knew he was in harm’s way while this was happening to his children. They had to do their duty and fulfill the demands of their job while at the same time their hearts were breaking for this family. This is never an easy thing to do no matter what the circumstances and whether it is good for the children or not. To see the fear and hear the cries for Mommy and Daddy is heart wrenching for these men and women. To give comfort is not an easy thing to do in these circumstances without the tools to do so.

Our son and I have talked many hours on this subject and as one of the security force members he has had to deal with removing children from homes and automobiles. Sometimes because of some kind of accident and other times because of child protection issues. And has spoken to those who provided this service to his family and know how much it has hurt them to do so. The reasons do not matter to these men and women they do their job but they feel the pain of the children for a long time afterward. A crying baby or child in tears in such circumstances is a very difficult thing to deal with.

Many friends and family sent donations to us for Aidan and we were not sure what to do with them. We have decided to purchase blankets and teddy bears and are putting a tag on them in memory of our little Aidan, sealing each individually into plastic Ziploc bags, as well as a tote to store them in and donating them to the security force here on Elmendorf AFB. A couple of the blankets will be kept in the security chief’s car, who is always on scene when children are involved while the remainder will be stored in the tote in his office. Our hope is to allow the men and women of security forces to offer a bit of comfort to the children they have to remove in the future. The hope is the children and those who have to remove them receive some comfort from this.
It would be nice to say this will never be necessary but as we have learned it does happen and there is a need. It would be wonderful if those who read this could do the same in their own communities. There are children all around us who go through these traumatic events each day. If we can give comfort to just a few then we have accomplished much. Because of the way this has affected my family I can say even a small token of comfort will go a long ways. It took months of love, security and coaxing to bring our little guy out. He is now a wonderful and happy little guy with a huge smile.

We have had occasion to visit the ER again and it is a very scary place for him it is very obvious to us he remembers his experience and I can’t help but wonder what if they had been able to wrap him in a soft and warm blanket would that have helped???? His siblings are also making progress to being happy carefree children once again. There is a lot of work yet to do but even the smallest token of love makes a big difference. All the children hold their quilts dear and a couple sleep best with them each night.

I am grateful to the men and women who did their duty and took care of these children for us while we did our best to arrive in Alaska from NY as quickly as possible and the Air Force worked so diligently to get our son home to his children. There have been so many that have helped and I will always be grateful to them for this.

I pray you can see the good your act of donating a quilt could do for one small child and find it in your hearts to do so. They should not be any bigger than a baby quilt; clean and packaged to keep the dust off…they could be given to a police department or fire department.
Thank you.



Membership Report

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member - Lyncourt Quilt Guild. They are a new quilt guild that meets at the Lyncourt Fire Dept; Lyncourt is a neighborhood in the City of Syracuse.
We look forward to seeing them at an upcoming meeting.

With Lyncourt, we now have 36 Member Guilds, 6 Individual Members, 10 Business Members and 1 Not-for-Profit Member. We always welcome new members. If you have a guild in your area that is not a member of QCNYS, please invite them to a meeting or better yet, when you are at their quilt show tell them that can improve their show attendance by joining QCNYS. And , if you send me their contact info, I will send membership information out to them.

We are in the process of listing our member guilds on our web page so that people looking for guilds can find you. If you don't see your guild their it means that we have not received your "permission slip" to post the info. Contact me for information.

See you in September. Membership Chairman, Linda Storrings,


QCNYS Delegate Meeting Schedule


September 19, 2012 Lake to Lake Quilt Guild, Gorham NY at Valley Inn in Branchport
December 5, 2012 Cayuga Lake Guild, Union Springs, NY and O'Susannah's Quilt and Gift Shop, Watkins Glen, NY
March 20, 2013 Community Quilting Bee, Rochester, NY
June 19, 2013 Amherst Museum Quilters, Amherst, NY and Kenmore Quilters Patch, Kenmore, NY
September 2013 Thumbstall Quilt Guild, Marcellus, NY and Patchwork Plus(?)


* Effective December 7, 2011 a $100 stipend from QCNYS is provided to the host guild to help offset the cost of hosting meetings.

The modest fee paid by each attendee will remain in effect. Many host guilds also offer raffle baskets to further reduce the expense of hosting the quarterly meetings



 Nominating Committee

QCNYS rotates nominations for officers with the President and Treasurer due for election at this time. Nominations were opened at the June 2012 meeting and will close just prior to the election at the September 2012 meeting. The elected officers will take office in December for a two year term.

Nominees must be current QCNYS members and may be chosen from any member category (Guild, Individual, Business, Non-Profit).

We are accepting nominations at this time and will hold the election at the September 19th meeting. To date we have two candidates:
     Pamela Langdon, current President, is standing for re-election.
     Natalie Masker, current Treasurer, is also standing for re-election.

QCNYS 2012 Nominating Committee,
Val Schultz 585-229-2908
Linda Storrings 315-695-3425

Nominating Committee schedule as follows:

  • June 2012 - Committee forms and requests nominations from the floor (may also seek nominees up until the election in September)

  • August 2012 - Committee announces a slate of candidates via the August newsletter

  • September 2012 - Committee conducts the election during the September meeting and announces results for inclusion in the November 2012 newsletter







QCNYS TRAVEL CLUB – thru December 2012


September 22 - 23      Snow Country Quilters

October 5 - 6      Morningstar Quilt Guild

October 12 - 14      Piecemakers of Moravia

October 19 - 20      Museum Quilt Guild

October 27 - 28      Lake Country Quilt Guild

October 28 - December 1       Schweinfurth Q=A=Q Show



Does your Guild or Shop have an upcoming event?  Get the word out!!

Send your information to Ann Hawkins, for the next QCNYS Network News!!





The QCNYS Board is pleased to invite you to participate in a themed challenge. In keeping with the goals of the Travel Club the quilts resulting from the challenge will be made available to member guilds for exhibition at quilt shows in 2013 and 2014. Guilds requesting the exhibit may request the entire exhibit or a subset of the exhibit. Participation is limited to those who belong to QCNYS in any membership category – Member Guilds, Individuals, Non-profit or Business.

Title: Stitching New York - A Quilted Perspective

Theme: Explore and celebrate the diversity of New York State

Categories: Traditional Modern/contemporary Art

Eligibility: Entrants may come from any QCNYS membership category – Guild, Non-Profit, Individual or Business member

Requirements: Must be a minimum of three joined layers
Minimum perimeter = 96"
Maximum perimeter = 180
4” minimum Sleeve must be securely applied to back of quilt
Label with the following information must be securely applied to bottom:
Title of piece, Name and Address of quilter, Title of exhibit
Entry form must accompany completed quilt

Restrictions: No three-dimensional items accepted (shipping concerns)
One entry per participant
Must be received by deadline date

Fees: No entry fees.






Guild Program Opportunities


Would your guild like to announce your program plans? We would be pleased to include it - please send your information to 

The Amherst Museum Quilters' Guild
Will be sponsoring its Annual Four Day Seminar Sept. 12 - 15, 2012 (Wed. thru Sat). There are four classes offered each day. They run from 9- 4. The national teachers this year will be Beth Ferrier and Anita Grossman Solomon. There will be two local teachers also each day. Lunch is available. The lecture by Beth Ferrier is 7 pm on Wednesday for a small fee. More information about classes and costs and a registration form will be available on our website There is a limit of 20 per class so sign up early. There are many nearby motels and restaurants, if needed. We are only a few miles from the Interstate. The venue is the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village (formerly the Amherst Museum).

2012 Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild Programs
Fri., August 3, Peggy Oppenheimers’ Square In A Square Technique Lecture and Trunk Show. Peg Oppenheimer has been quilting since 1999. Once she learned Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square™ method she became hooked! She became a Certified Square in a Square™ instructor in 2001. Peg has since also completed her certification for Creative Curves and Jodi Barrows' new Diamond options.
Saturday, August 4, Peggy Oppenheimer, Homestead Star/Spilt Bear Paw Workshop.

Wed., Sept 5, Dianne Rode Schneck from NYC with present her trunk show: Quilts with a Sense of Humor (Quilts and Commentary) There are serious Art Quilts, and then there are quilts that are just for fun. I’ll bring my greatest hits, and talk about how I made them and why, and how you can add a touch of humor to your own work. Some are funny, some are silly, and some are just plain weird. It’s all in good fun!

Fri., October 5, Susan Ball Faeders’ Lecture Quilting in Japan. In this bird’s-eye view digital slide show, I’ll share photos of quilts that I have seen in Japan recently—over the last few years. I’ll identify the work of some of the top sensei (teachers), and show what is most innovative and most traditionally Japanese.” I’ll explain how quilting “works” in Japan, and show how the situation is reversing—that is, how American quilters are now being affected by the Japanese quilt industry. Susan is from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Sat., October 6, Susan Faeders’ Folded kimono & Flower Workshop:
Learn a bit of Japanese origami and then reproduce your folded origami kimono and flowers in fabric. Appliquéd to a background, the kimono and folded flowers make a lovely small quilt.

Thumbstall Quilt Guild
On September 19, Thumbstall Quilt Guild, 1 Slocomb Ave., Marcellus, New York will present a workshop by Caren Betlinski. The title will be Cone Flower. Caren is an artist at thread painting and we will learn many of her techniques. The workshop will be from 9 am to 3:30pm. If you would like to participate
please call 315-673-3953. The cost is $30.00.


Please consider volunteering for the following positions; without this positions filled, we cannot continue to provide the program that many of our membership have found valuable.


We are currently looking for volunteers for the following appointed position:


Build Your Guild Event Coordinator: In 2006 and 2009, QCNYS hosted a one day “Build your Guild” event to provide a venue for member guilds to share ideas for hosting and promoting events, publishing newsletters, guild and meeting organization, along with a host of other topics.  The Coordinator shall oversee the research and obtain a suitable location, organize the food required, recruit volunteers to facilitate discussions and scribes to take notes, and to oversee the publication of these notes and distribution to the membership. 


If you or someone else in your Guild might be interested in this position, please contact our Information Chairman for more information or to sign up.      Ann Hawkins





QCNYS Meeting Minutes
General Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2012

Welcome was given by Debbie Barrow president of our host Plank Rd.

Meeting was opened at 10:30 by President Pamela Langdon.

Members in attendance introduced themselves.

Printed minutes in the newsletter where accepted as printed.

Treasurer's report: bank has been changed from HSBC to 1st Niagara. Balance in account is $17,525.52

Membership - Linda Storrings: We have 35 guilds. 6 Individuals and 10 business members and 1 not for profit

Membership will be updated on the website. You can e-mail Linda for information. All Guilds need to make sure that their contact information has been turned in.

Val Schultz resigned as our information Chair. Looking for a volunteer to take over this position.
This position for information chair was filled by Ann Hawkin
This position requires that you gather information from the guilds. Spelling and grammer a plus. You also need to attend 4 board meetings and 4 Consortium meeting per year.

Historian: Judy LaMay needs pics and information from consortium events and guild events. These will be put on DVD's.

Service projects coordinator Kathleen Gilbert has a tracking thermometer for keeping track of the cuddle quilts goal of 500 but we are hoping for 1000. We are at 10% of goal already. The sizes for these quilts are 18" x 24" and 24" x 36". State Police have asked that all the quilts go to Albany to be passed out Also if you donate to your local police department or the sheriff, as Mexicale has done these will count toward goal.

Janet Lutz on Passports/ Travel Club, Attend 6 quilt shows to be eligible for the year end drawings. The purpose of the passport is to get members to other guilds quilt shows.

Newsletter is Ann Hawkins send information to her at


NEW BUSINESS: Nominating Committee needed . Pamela and Natalie have agreed to continue on in their positions for the next year. Val Schultz and Linda Storrings, volunteered as Nominating Committee.

Janet has resigned as program chair. Sue Knapp from Old Susanna's has volunteered to take her place.

CHALLENGE: Val Schultz. Consortium state wide NY theme of some sort. Prizes. More information will be coming on this with rules in Aug for the Sept meeting. These can be shown at guild quilt shows

Marilyn is working on THE EVENT this is bringing top name speakers in to different area of NY IE: Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton.

Build a guild need volunteer to help arrange for another Build a guild session.

There will be a form for recommending Teachers and instructors . This will be on the website and in the news letter.

Sept 19th Meeting will be sponsored by Lake to Lake Quilt Guild.

Our Speaker was Sharon Bottle Soava, she had a wonderful trunk show.

Raffle of 6 baskets was held.

Meeting was closed by Pamela Langdon

Respectfully submitted by
Martha Wetzler
Secretary, QCNYS

 Newsletter Deadline and Submissions

 Deadline for Newsletter Submissions:

Winter Edition:  October 31, 2012

Winter/Spring Edition: January 15, 2013

Summer Edition: April 15, 2013

Fall Edition: July 20, 2013

Winter Edition: October 31, 2012


The deadline for submissions to the next newsletter is October 31, 2012.

All articles, reports and other items of interest must be emailed to Ann Hawkins at no later than that date.


We are happy to accept program information, quilting hints, recipes (for a quilt or something edible), challenge ideas, block or fabric swap proposals, even the occasional bit of poetry. Please note that absolutely no hardcopy items will be accepted. Submissions must be in a format that enables editing – Microsoft Word is preferred. 


September 19, 2012 QCNYS Delegate Meeting
hosted by

Lake to Lake Quilt Guild

The meeting will take place at:
Valley Inn

2862 Guyanoga Rd., Branchport, NY  14418

Click here for Map/Directions


We will be meeting in an outdoor covered pavilion.

(You might want to bring a sweater and a cushion to sit on.)


The business meeting will start at 10:30 AM

**Please use the print option of your browser and select  print last page for this form.**


Reservation Form

Please mail by September 1st

 Name(s): If registering for more than one person please indicate the name of each attendee

 Guild/Business/Non-Profit Affiliation:_______________________________________________________________

 Guild Delegate or Business Member:_______________________________________________________________

 Guild Officer or Non-Profit Member:________________________________________________________________

 QCNYS Officer or Individual Member:_______________________________________________________________



Send reservation form and check ($8.00 per person) payable to Lake to Lake Quilt Guild to:
c/o Cheryl Jordan

4209 Glass Factory Bay Rd.

Geneva, NY  14456